Adult & Family

At our clinic, we specialize in adult and family medicine, which includes (men & women health), teenagers, and elderly patients. We provide an annual complete physical examination and blood tests, as well as urine analysis, chest X-ray, and EKG. We also focus on routine screening tests for the following conditions:​​​​​​​

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Geriatric Medicine

At Antone Internal Medicine, we are experienced in geriatric medicine providing medical care for the elderly.
Human biological aging is characterized by progressive decline in each organ system which starts environmental and genetic factors, diet and personal habits. When people age, they are more likely to suffer from disease, disability and treatment side effects combined with the decrease in the physiological reserve. These added burdens make the older person more vulnerable to environmental, pathological and pharmacological insults. Understanding these facts is "crucial" for optimal care of older patients. 
In the elderly patient, diseases are more likely to present differently than in younger patients because disease presentation if often atypical and the patient's ability to cope with it is impaired. Therefore, early recognition of these changes is key for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Women's Health

There are many issues affecting women's health. Through annual physicals and breast examinations, many problems can be diagnosed and treated early. We will be discussing many of these issues and we are inviting you to learn more about them.

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